Friday, June 20, 2014

End of Year Picnic 2014

Despite needing to be pushed back a day due to bad weather, our annual homeschool end of year picnic was a huge success. It was a WILD WEST theme. It was a beautiful day, lots of families attended, and we all had a great time celebrating the end of the school year.
Wild West play area for the little ones.

A very handsome cowboy

A pretty cowgirl friend

The annual "Who says homeschoolers aren't socialized" group picture

Some beautiful, amazing homeschool moms
Our scheduled activity leaders were not available  when we had to re-schedule....
but we were able to get this awesome magician to pinch hit.
He was a huge success!

As the magician was wrapping up his act, the Velvet ice cream truck pulled up!
They passed out free treats!
It was a huge hit!
Many thanks to the Velvet folks for their generosity!
(One of our families is part of the family that owns Velvet.)
Who says homeschoolers don't know how to wait in line?

We were blessed by the presence of several Dominican and Franciscan friars!
The friars even got in on the "Pony Express" sack race.

We had a rocking horse / hobby horse corral for the little ones.

Balloon Animals
Decorating Bandanas
Panning for Gold
Fruit Loop Necklaces
Yummy picnic lunch
Face Painting

Adam and lots of buddies had a blast building this structure on the natural playground.

 Happy Summer!

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