Friday, June 20, 2014

A New Adventure --- Swim Team!

Ray and Adam have been little fish, loving the water since they were babies. This year, for the first time, they are members of the swim team at our local pool.
And.... Jon's firm signed on as corporate sponsors of the team. They're at the top of the team t-shirts!

It's been fun to see how quickly their swim stokes have dramatically improved with the daily practices and great coaching.

The first swim meet was held last Wednesday. It was an away meet at a really small pool.... and it ended up being cut short when a storm kicked up. The boys were at Cub Scout day camp all day and went straight to the meet. It was interesting figuring out how it all worked and when to be where.... but it ended up being a great experience.

Here are a few pictures ---

Ray getting ready to swim in a medley.

Adam on the block.

Off to a good start!

A few of our homeschool friends are members of the team against whom we competed.
Here's Adam hanging out with Luke.

Ray swimming backstroke.

Ray's friend Joel cheering him on as he made the turn for the second lap.

Ray smiled the entire way.
He was so fun to watch.

Ray hanging out with friend and teammate Ella.

Our little swimmers!

We're not sure which team won the meet. Both boys did well in their races. Adam shocked us by powering into second place in breast stroke, which he only learned last week. They both have good builds and dispositions for swimming and we hope they'll stick with it and do well.

And now, a little throwback picture.....

The only time you'll ever see me in a swimsuit online! This is my sister Reenie and me in a swim team picture that's about 30 years old! We were pool rats too and we loved being on the swim team. Butterfly was my specialty stroke. It's so cool seeing my boys participate in an activity that was so fun for me.

Go Seahorses! (Interestingly, the team I swam for also had seahorses as mascots, but we called ourselves the "SeaKings." We also swam at the pool where the boys had their first swim meet.)

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