Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Olympics 2014


We've really been enjoying following the action in Sochi! We've been watching the different events and tallying the medals of several countries.
Jon's been excited about the success of the Netherland's -- his family's homeland.
Ray's been upset that Togo (first time in Olympics, one athlete) hasn't won any medals.
 We made a cool "stained glass window" of the Olympic rings.

In our weekly Geography class, we made Olympic folders with lots of good maps and information about Russia, the Olympics, all the countries competing, and the various Olympic events.
We made our own Olympic torches that even light up! (They have battery-powered tea lights inside.) 

We designed our own medals.

We spent many evenings watching various events. We especially enjoyed the opening ceremonies.

We played a fun "Opening Ceremony Bingo" game.

We've jokingly been celebrating the multitude of "Putin Sightings."
We even have an original Putin song that we'll sing for you if requested. ;)
The last time the Winter Olympics happened, we were just starting our homeschool adventure! Ray was in Kindergarten and Adam was in preschool. Time has certainly flown by quickly!

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