Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ancient Rome Unit Study

We've recently wrapped up a study of Ancient Rome. Honestly, I don't remember studying Ancient Rome EVER in school. Surely I must have, right? All I know is that I learned a lot right along with the boys and we had a lot of fun too. I tried to get Jon to take us all on a field trip to Modern Rome as a culminating activity, but that didn't work out at this time. ;)

Roman coins made out of clay

Roman Arches

Without any coaching from me, Adam built Ancient Rome in Minecraft on his Nabi!
I was so impressed.
I believe this picture shows the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
He built the Coliseum, Aqueducts, Circus Maximus and lots more!

Roman numeral game

After learning about how the Romans built roads in layers, we made our own "Roman Roads" (which could also be called "Diabetes in a Pan"). ;)

Layer 1 - Crushed graham crackers (sand)

Layer 2 - Chocolate pudding with chocolate chips (mortar and pebbles)
Also, mini-marshmallows along the outside edges (curbs)
Layer 3 - Whipped cream (cement)

Layer 4 - Cookies (large flat stones)

SUGAR OVERLOAD.... All for learning!

We also enjoyed reading several fiction and non-fiction books about Ancient Rome as well as several Roman myths. YouTube has really become a great tool in our homeschool. We watched some really cool videos and digital re-creations of Ancient Rome.

As a grand finale, we had a Roman Feast!

The Guests at the Feast (left to right)
1. A publican
2. The Emperor
3. A Roman Soldier

The servant washed everyone's hands before the meal.

The guests enjoyed reclining on couches around a low table.

They enjoyed several rounds of the choicest wine grape juice, especially the soldier!
The Menu -
"Dormice" and "Flamingo" (Chicken nuggets and tenders)
Honeyed biscuits (A simple recipe the boys helped make)
Roasted (burnt) broccoli
 Fig Newtons
Boiled Eggs and Cheese
Bread dipped in olive oil and spices
In true Roman style, we used finger bowls and towels and skipped utensils.
The servant got to sit and eat with the guests!
As I mentioned, the soldier imbibed heavily.
A good time was had by all!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! We are studying Ancient Rome now. We just also did the edible Roman Roads this week- just posted about it! As always, small world! Love the idea of the Roman feast!