Friday, February 28, 2014

Farewell February

Dear February,

You know how much I loathe you. Farewell again until next year! You tormented me with looonnnngggg coooolllllddddd days. You tried to do in me in this past week with that nasty head cold. But, ha! I have conquered you once again! Good riddance you vile month! I shall not miss you one bit.

And, even though your wicked step-sister "March" is set to come in "like a lion" with more of that crazy snow, I still like her better.

Be gone!

Katie, your arch-nemesis

P.S. I'm enclosing some pictures of some of the fun things we've done this month despite your dreadful attempts to plunge us into deep depression.

Hanging out with Francis!
At the Catholic Women's Conference

Lovely ladies helping me promote Catholic homeschooling at the Women's Conference

The "mobile tax unit" is fully operational. Jon's been working until about 6:30 at the office, coming home for dinner, and then working from home until he can't keep his eyes open. 'Tis the Season!

It's also "Cub Scout Season." We've had lots of den meetings as the boys work to complete all their requirements. Ray's den recently learned about bicycle safety and maintenance. Since it's tax season, I get the "privilege" of going to all these exciting meetings.
Ray spent the last seven Saturdays playing basketball AT 8:00AM!
That's all I have to say about that.
Our annual "Roll and Bowl" party with Jon's co-workers was fun as always.

A perfect new friend for Adam

The boys' "roll and bowl" loot

Jon's prize for being top scorer

This is where we were through most of February.... working away in the school room.

We've been learning Astronomy, times tables, adverbs, precepts of the Church, .... woo hoo!

The new obsession around here --- "The Lego Movie"
We enjoyed an afternoon field trip to the art museum with a co-op group.
We saw a fun Lego exhibit entitled, "Think Outside the Brick."


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