Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Update

These summer days sure do fly by quickly.... especially when we're having so much fun! Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to lately ---
Summer Reading and Math!
We're working hard to squeeze in some reading and math practice just about every day. Gotta keep those skills sharp! We're enjoying participating in our summer library program. We even got to see a "Gator*Dave" at the library recently.

Vacation Bible School
The boys participated in our parish Vacation Bible School program and had a really good time! Jon and I enjoyed some date nights that week! ;)

Swimming, Swimming, and More Swimming!!!
It's a good thing we live just a few doors down from the pool.... because that's the only place the boys want to be these days. They just completed level three swim lessons. We also got to enjoy a fun movie night at the pool. I'm LOVING the fact that they don't need or want me to swim with them all the time. I've been able to swim when I want to, but also visit with friends, catch up on phone calls, read books, and even do some curriculum planning while at the pool!

Fun Random Picture of the Boys in a Big Big Chair ----

Civil War Encampment
As a homeschool mom, I'm always trying to sneak in a little lesson or enrichment. ;) When I read about a local Civil War encampment, I knew we had to take a peek..... even though it was a blazing hot day. It was really interesting to check it out.... and do a bit of review on some things we learned this year. We even met Abraham Lincoln!

Cousin Time!
My niece Ava is not signed up for day camp this summer, so we've had the privilege of having her with us often. We've had a blast hanging out at the pool, doing art projects, going roller skating, and baking cupcakes!

My favorite thing at the roller rink! Disco balls! I want these in my house.


Yes, weapons. That's Adam's latest craze. Should I worry? A giant branch fell in our backyard and Adam has slowly pulled it apart and crafted spears, a bow and arrow, and this slingshot ---

We've also been busy with weekly golf days, karate classes, play dates, summer science activities, and getting ready for a super awesome vacation! I'll try to check in here more regularly, but I've just been busy having too much fun! Happy Summer!

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