Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beauty and the Bestie!

I was so blessed to have a fantastic weekend of "mom time!"
First of all, my bestest friend is in town. My Susie lives in Texas. Boo. But she is here for a few weeks. She and I had a FABULOUS day of getting our toes painted, shopping, eating out, and attending a play on Friday! It was so fun to get some good friend time.... to talk about all that is happening in our lives and to solve all the problems of the world. ;) It's awesome to have a friend who knows me so well, has been with me through lots of ups and downs, and who loves me anyway. And I do the same for her too.
Susan sporting a lovely chapeau.
I tried to get her to buy it for her upcoming Europe trip.

Me in a tiara.
I really think I should wear one everyday.

I haven't taken a picture of my bright red toenails with shiny sparkles, but trust me.... they're beautiful! And my weekend of pampering did not end there. The very generous owner and office manager at Jon's firm recently surprised me with a BIG gift card to a local spa where I get my hair done. They did it to thank me for cooking for them and running lots of errands during tax season.... but WOW... it was unnecessary and quite a surprise. On Saturday I got to spend the entire morning at the spa. I had my hair and eyebrows done, got a manicure, and got a massage! Talk about being a princess! It was a super relaxing and fun experience!

Time with friends and the opportunity to take care of myself.... it doesn't get much better than this! I am truly blessed and thankful.

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