Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Science

Some friends and I have joined up to plan and lead some summer science fun with our kids. So far we've had really bad luck with rain on our scheduled days. We've only been able to do two sessions, but they've been fun.
At our first session we decorated science notebooks/journals. We talked about the force of gravity and why/how things can fly. We made paper airplanes and played with some stomp rocket toys. But the biggest hit was the egg drop experiment. We gave each child one egg and had them use various materials to wrap the eggs up and cushion them. Then we dropped them on the ground from higher and higher levels. It was great fun.... and only two eggs survived all of our tests.

Check out Adam's "egg box." The egg was in the shoe box.
I'm not sure what the purpose was for the nest on top... but he sure was proud of it!

Yes.... we let the children throw things out of my bedroom window.
Be assured that I was standing right beside them....
making sure only the eggs went crashing down.

The owners of the surviving eggs.
Their "prize" was the opportunity to throw them against a board and watch them splat. ;)

This week's science topic was "Patriotic Potions. We completed several "Chemistry" experiments and learned about physical vs. chemical reactions. It was very messy and very fun! We had Carter and Ava with us too! The kids rotated around to different stations so they got to do all of the experiments.
"Pop Rocks" Science
We learned about how pop rocks are made, what makes them pop (CO2), and how they mix with a variety of liquids.


"Fireworks in a Jar"
We learned about density and how liquids react when mixed together.

Corn starch + Baking soda + Water + Pop Rocks
Is it a liquid? A solid? Both? Neither?

 "Ice Cream in a Baggie"
Yum! After a pizza lunch, we made our own dessert.
It turns out that you've got to know chemistry when you want to cook!

"Soda Pop Geysers"

What's more fun than exploding sticky pop all over the yard?
We had to do a few rounds of the old mentos + soda trick.

The learning never ends around here.... and neither does the mess! We can't wait until our next summer science day!

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