Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Public Service Announcement

In case you've forgotten, I thought I'd let you know that you have exactly 122 hours and 31 minutes to get your taxes filed. (From right now.... as I type this post.)
I have not forgotten.
Of course our taxes won't be done until about October, as always. An extension will be filed.  But I don't care about all that.
I just want my husband back!!!!!
I have tried really hard to have a positive attitude this year.... to be a very happy, supportive tax widow... to have a minimum number of meltdowns and tantrums.... to take care of the people and animals and things around here.
I'm officially over it.
Adam won't sleep at night.
The "we need Daddy to help us with this" list has grown long.
I've had to scoop the kitty litter and take out the trash and carry the laundry down....
and do the zillion other chores Jon usually does without me even thinking about them.
And I just miss having him be part of our day-to-day lives.
I love that man!
And I hate when he drags himself home so late with his eyes so red.
He flops down on the bed and falls asleep in 22 seconds.
When I wake up he's gone already.
It's really so much easier for me now than it was when the boys were little.
I'm never rarely standing at the door counting the minutes until he returns.
But I think the hardest thing is just not being able to do much to help him.
I cook him meals, clean his clothes.... bring meals to the office for everybody.
But I wish I could take some of the stress off him.
I worry about his health.
I've learned not to play the "Why don't you guys hire more people?" game and the "If it were up to me I'd....." game.
Mostly I pray.
For him.
For his co-workers.
For his clients.
For people who really want to work this hard yet can't find a job.
For people who are physically unable to work and support their families.
I thank God over and over again for our blessings.
For this work he loves so much.
For the wonderful people he works with.
For the fact that his job supports us so well and allows me to be home with the boys.
For APRIL 15th!
For the fact that during most of the year he leaves the house at 8:20 and comes home for lunch and home for the day by 5:20.
So, that's the end of my crazy "it's the end of tax season and I've had enough" post. Next week I'm going to enjoy spending evenings with my hubby. Then I'm making a hair appointment and a nail appointment. Then I'm ready for some girls nights out!!!! Free at last! ;)
But seriously.... please pray for Jon and all the tax people who are working so hard this week. And for their wives and children. Thanks!
The boys enjoying dinner with daddy at the office a few nights ago.

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