Thursday, April 4, 2013

Alleluia! He is Risen!

Some glimpses at our Easter celebrations ---
Coloring eggs with Carter and Mamaw
Easter morning!
Jon and I were awakened at exactly 7:00am
by choruses of "Alleluia!"

The Easter Bunny was here!
Both boys received cool wallets in their baskets.


A Chocolate Bunny!

A very tired CPA...
happy to get a day off!

Nothing can happen around here without Mari's supervision.
Stay tuned for an unbelievable post about her Easter escapades.

MaMaw with the boys before Mass.
Our family before Mass

My Pinterest-inspired decoration!

My Pinterest-inspired dessert!
(Rice Kris-Peep Treats!)
We actually hosted my family for Easter dinner and egg hunt,
but I have no pictures... because of Mari's aforementioned "escapade."

Symmetrical Eggs
(A school project)

Our beautiful centerpiece
from a beautiful friend!
An Easter Week Egg Hunt with our Homeschool Friends!

 Remember, Easter is an entire season for rejoicing! 50 Days! We're an "Alleluia" people and we're just getting started!

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