Monday, December 3, 2012

Eight is Great!

Ray turns eight years old today! All of a sudden he seems to be in a new phase of life.... such a big boy. The time is really flying!

He's been receiving birthday cards and packages and phone calls for the past several days... and we had a party with his cousins and a few friends yesterday. A few weeks ago Ray declared that there is no way we'd be having school on his birthday. So, we've got today off! (Not that we usually allow the children to set the school schedule.... but we are a bit ahead of schedule and we can make up this day later in December.) So, it's 2:00 and he's still in his pajamas! Ray and Adam have been enjoying video game and movie time and I've been recovering from the party and trying to put things back together here at home.

Happy birthday to me sweet, fun, serious yet funny, smart, big boy! I love you to the moon and back... and then some!

A perfect shirt! From Pappy and Mary

Mario Galaxy wall stickers, also from Pappy and Mary.
Now we have two rooms in our home totally dedicated to Mario. Ugh.


We had this game truck come for Ray's birthday party!
The boys lobbied hard to make this happen....
and Jon's casino winnings from our Niagara Falls trip helped a lot.
It was really special and fun!

The cousins greeted the truck with lots of exuberance!

The kids had lots of fun...
but the dads totally stole the show.
Just*Dance*4 was a big hit!
They had that van rocking!


Ray was proud to show off his electric train layout.
Jon took him to the train shop last weekend
and let him pick out some more pieces as our birthday gift.
He's working more on his trains lately and hopes to expand the layout this winter.
I looked back through his scrapbooks and confirmed that we've
given a train gift for EVERY birthday since he turned two!

Fun "8-shaped" birthday favors (donuts)
for everybody who helped us celebrate.
If I can get Ray dressed, we're going to go out to dinner this evening. Tomorrow we're back to work.

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  1. Happy birthday, Ray! Austin saw his room and audibly gasped. He's a little Mario obsessed himself. Thankfully he walked away before I came to the gamemobile.I didn't know such a thinkg existed!

    We spent yesterday at Chuck e Cheese for a nephew's birthday. My boys were in heaven. Sometimes I feel tired of the gaming obsession but you know, I think if it weren't that, it would be something else. Until they truly experience Christ it will be that way (filling a void) - and it's plain fun. Thank goodness God created parents to set rules and to provide guidance. :)