Thursday, March 29, 2012

States Study Update

Our Monday co-op has continued to be lots of fun for us! Adam's class is all the way up to the letter V in their "Patriotic Alphabet Parade." I don't have pictures from that because I teach this fun group of third and fourth graders ---

Along with the first and second grade class (which Ray attends), we are working our way across the country.... studying two States each week. Here are some of our recent projects ----

We made salt dough maps of Colorado!

We learned about Yellowstone Park and set off our own "geysers." We used the soda and Mento's geyser tubes.

We learned about the Great Salt Lake.... and observed an experiment with eggs and water and salt. Surprise! The egg floated in salt water.

We learned about different mining techniques and "mined" for chocolate chips in some yummy cookies! (Idaho is the "Gem State.")

We made Idaho potato people.

Everybody wanted me to post their potato people on the blog.... so here's a little gallery! :)

We've learned a lot and had a lot of fun.... Just seven States left!

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