Monday, January 23, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things - 2012 Edition

One year ago this week I posted about a few of my favorite things. I think I'll make it an annual tradition here. Repeating last year's caveat... These are THINGS that make life easier or that I just enjoy. It's God, my family, my friends who matter most.

I still love all of the things on last year's list.... but I've lived without one of them for almost an entire year now. Diet Coke. I must confess that I still miss it. But I'm happy and proud to have kicked that habit. (Now I need to face several others.... sigh.....that's an entirely different topic.)



Pinterest has got to be my absolute favorite new discovery in the past year. It's such an awesome resource. I love finding new ideas and organizing and storing them here.


I'm still in love with the saint dolls my friends and I painted this year! And with the saints themselves as well.

Smart Phone

This is my newest awesome toy! A smart phone.... WAY smarter than me. I'm just figuring out all it does and I'm blown away by it!


Can't help it. Just love 'em. I've got an entire Pinterest board called "For the Love of Sparkle." I wish I could get away with wearing sequins everyday and painting our walls with glitter.

Jigsaw Puzzles


My grandparents on my mom's side ALWAYS had a puzzle set up. I loved visiting them and working on the puzzle. I still really enjoy them, even though I don't get to work them very often. When I find that I have a few days of down time (ha ha), I love setting up a puzzle. It helps me relax. I guess it's that whole "bringing order to chaos" thing. I recently found this four seasons puzzle on the clearance shelf at Target. It was fun and easy. Let me know if you want to borrow it.


 So fun to make. So yummy to eat! I think I now have molds/recipes for just about every holiday.

Tablecloths and Placemats

This is not just one pretty placemat... it's actually four placemats in one!

My mom made these for us for Christmas and I think they are awesome! It feels like an old lady thing to say that I love pretty table linens. Oh well.

"Our Lady of Innocence"

I continue to love this beautiful painting, "Our Lady of Innocence" by Bougeureau. Such a soft, gently, beautiful picture of our Mother. This little copy is in our bedroom.

This Bathmat

This soft, cooshy microfiber bathmat was another Christmas gift from my mom. All I can say is I want to carpet my entire house with these. Wow!


What is it about this food? I have been craving it for months and months. I'll eat it for any meal.... love it at breakfast.

Well, that's it for this year's list. It seems to have been "sponsored by" the letter P!  (Pizza, puzzles, Pinterest, placemats) ;)

What are some of your favorite things? Share them in a comment!

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  1. OOOOH Tablecloth!!! I am a tablecloth lover too, have them for every season. In fact, I am contemplating finally getting a St. Patrick's one. The tablecloth aisle at Homegoods is my favorite place ;-) LOVE this list!