Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bosco Boys Club - "Orderliness"

Today's Bosco Boys Club meeting was our best yet! It may be partly due to the fact that we had a smaller group -- 16 boys as opposed to 25 --- or to the fact that as planners we are getting "smarter." As we played and prayed and talked together I just kept thinking that this is how I envisioned this club to be. It was a fun afternoon with some really great boys.

Our virtue for this month is orderliness. We talked about the reasons why we need to have some sense of order in our surroundings and our routines.... how that helps us live good and holy lives. We learned about Saint Benedict and how his Rule continues to guide religious orders and how it can guide our family lives as well.

It was awesome to hear the comments of some of the boys as they are beginning to make connections among the virtues we've been discussing. They were pointing out how the virtues are related and how they build on one another. They are really getting good at brainstorming ways to practice the virtues each month.

The first half of the meeting actually looked like this ---

The boys had a good time playing games and building marble runs. It was fun to see them interacting more and becoming familiar with one another. It was a peaceful playtime considering there were 16 boys in the room!

After we gathered for discussion about the virtue and saint, it was snack time. The boys got to build their own snacks with toothpicks, cheese cubes, grapes, marshmallows, and gumdrops. They really enjoyed this! We pointed out that this "snacktivity" involved putting the snacks into some kind of shape or "order" (to go with our virtue). We also discussed how all of the games we had been playing were related in some way to orderliness.

 After snacktime we had some fun building SNOWMEN!

We ended the meeting by giving each boy a Saint Benedict holy card and a colorful "dust rag." We gave them the challenge of using the dust rag to play "Dust Detective" ... bringing some extra orderliness to their homes.

The boys seem to really enjoy these monthly gatherings and I'm so glad we can bring them together in this way.

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