Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Beach Vacation... aka "Shark Week!"

Things have been quiet here BECAUSE.... we just returned from a great 10 day vacation to Myrtle Beach! We planned this trip last spring, when I realized that our first grade curriculum included an ocean unit. It ended up being a really wonderful experience for our family. My dad and his wife, Mary, live at Myrtle. We got to spend a whole week with them.... having fun, seeing the sites, relaxing a bit, and of course doing some hands-on ocean studies.
I just finished going through the 700+ pictures that Mary and I took. Wow! There is so much I want to share here.... but for now I'll just give you this teaser....

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We have nicknamed this vacation "SHARK WEEK!" The shark pictures in this collage are all from the wonderful aquarium that we visited. However, our shark sightings did not end there. We saw people catching small sharks from the pier near the condo where we stayed. We saw sharks... mostly small ones (it's "baby" season) VERY CLOSE to shore in the surf EVERY DAY except for one. So, my husband and children were swimming in SHARK-INFESTED WATERS and I was mostly playing lifeguard and praying the Rosary! Mary was trying to go out far enough to see the sharks up close (!?!) and my dad and I were watching the water carefully and calling the boys in whenever we saw something. It was really amazing - but scary - to see them so "up close and personal." Fortunately, we got everyone home in one piece!

So we've spent the past few days unpacking and getting back into a "normal" school routine. I will be posting our vacation pictures and stories in bits and pieces over the next few days.

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