Monday, September 19, 2011

All-American Learning Adventure

Our Monday co-op class ("AEP" ... aka "Academic Enrichment Program") has an American theme this year. Each Monday afternoon we gather with about 15 other families to learn together. We begin with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, patriotic songs, and discussion of American saints and historical figures.

Adam's class (preschool and Kindergarten) is going on an American Alphabet Parade, focusing on patriotic themes that go with each letter of the alphabet. The first through fourth graders are going on a State-by-State Adventure, learning geographical information and basic facts about each state. They will be enjoying stories, snacks, crafts, and other activities related to the states they are studying each week. They also will be receiving materials to use to put together State-by-State scrapbooks. Ray is happy to be in the 1st/2nd grade AEP class and I am excited to be teaching the 3rd/4th grade class.

The older children are engaging in some book studies, debates, and writing projects... all with an American theme. It's going to be a very busy and fun year!

Our classes began last week. Adam learned that "A is for America." He had fun writing A's on a map of the USA and making an apple print painting. Ray's class (and mine) started by learning a bit about Washington DC and our first State, Maine. Here are some pictures of the wonderful 3rd and 4th graders in my class making a light house craft.

Here's Ray showing off his "Washington Monument" craft.

Here are my boys modeling this week's craft, Uncle Sam's masks:

Uncle Sam was allegedly born in New Hampshire, one of our States for this week, although he later moved to New York. We can't go through a year of Americana without learning about Uncle Sam!

Hopefully, I'll be blogging about our State studies periodically this year. You can see where we got lots of our ideas at Shower of Roses and Pinterest.

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