Friday, December 17, 2010


Advent is supposed to be a time of "waiting in joyful hope." So, maybe that's why there haven't been any blog posts here for more than a week. Perhaps I am trying to help you perfect the virtue of patience. Or maybe create some anticipation and wonder during this holy season. Perhaps I've spent all of my free time in quiet reflection and prayer.

Or perhaps I've been to Michigan for five days, am trying to get our Christmas tree up and decorated (finally), still need to do most of the shopping for the boys, am trying to keep schooling and cooking and cleaning, need to get cards addressed, .have been enjoying visits from faraway friends..... Yikes! We've been doing tons of neat things that I'd like to blog about, but there just hasn't been time. Hopefully soon!

Is this part of getting old? There seems to be no time to "wait." Life seems to be in fast motion. Time seemed to crawl by at a snail's pace when I was a child waiting for Santa Claus to come. Now the challenge is to carve out time to make myself wait. It just doesn't seem right. I am trying to keep my heart and spirit from becoming engulfed in "Christmas hoopla." I am not feeling stressed, just so very busy. I am repeatedly reminding myself that the celebration of Jesus' birth doesn't have to be polished/perfect with matching wrapping paper and made-from-scratch meals and a perfectly clean house. It's probably better without all that anyway. I am praying for openness to receive Jesus into my heart and into our family life in a new way. I'm sure it won't look or feel the way I plan. It didn't happen the way people planned it 2000 years ago either.

Come, Lord Jesus. Find our hearts ready. Fill us anew with your love and your grace. We offer to you all of our preparations and busy-ness as well as our prayers and devotions. We long to give you and our loved ones "perfect gifts" and adore you in the most meaningful and beautiful ways. Help us remember that it's our hearts that you and our loved ones want. May the story of your birth in a simple, humble stable inspire us to give you and others genuine gifts of presence and love. May the joy that you continue to bring to the world be the focus of all of our celebrations and the true joy of our lives. Amen.

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