Thursday, August 7, 2014


Here are some long-overdue photos from our fantastic July vacation to Lakeside Chautauqua on Lake Erie. We visited the same place with the same family two years ago. Both times we've enjoyed ourselves so much. It's a relaxing, old-fashioned vacation with plenty of fun things for everyone. Lots of memories to be cherished for sure!



 2012 ----------------- 2014





The Shuffleboard King!
 Kelly and I took a knitting class! Yes, we spent our SUMMER vacation learning to knit WINTER hats. Those hats actually came in handy at times because the weather was downright chilly! The class was so much fun and we are now both avid knitters.

My first hat! ;)

We ate a lot of donuts and ice cream!
Adam is in his pajamas here..... truly in vacation mode.







It's all about the rocks at Lakeside..... finding them, climbing them, painting them.

Family Boat Rides



 We took a day trip over to Kelley's Island and had fun exploring!


We even went on a safari!


Thank you God for a great vacation with amazing friends.
We are truly blessed.

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