Monday, May 20, 2013

Pentecost Ponderings

This is a picture of the dome at the top of our church.
It's my favorite part of our church.
Happy Pentecost! I hope that you celebrated and experienced the Spirit's powerful presence in some way today.
We attended a beautiful Mass at our parish at noon. We had triumphal music featuring several brass instruments, inspired preaching from a new deacon, and even a Confirmation! The boys were really great in Mass. Ray loved receiving his 3rd Communion.
We've been discussing Pentecost and the Holy Spirit for the past several days. Ray set up our prayer table for this great celebration ---
I love how he lined those apostles up like bowling pins with Mary at the front!
I found the Sequence to be particularly moving at Mass today, especially the following lines --
Let Your radiance in us shine,
And our inmost being fill.
Bend the stubborn heart and will,
Melt the frozen, warm the chill.

On the faithful who in You,
Trust with childlike piety,
Deign Your sevenfold gift to send.
I was deeply struck by the great and awesome power of the Holy Spirit. He is truly so much more powerful than my own stumbling efforts and resolutions. Yet I don't call upon His power nearly enough. It seems backward to be saying "Come Holy Spirit." I feel like the Spirit must be saying something like, "I'm right here. Just open your heart/mind/spirit you stubborn, independent girl."
I'm sure the Holy Spirit would say it so much more eloquently and lovingly of course. ;) And that's the point, really. He loves me better than I love myself. He can help me in ways I can't help myself. And this great, solemn Feast is a reminder of that. We hear of the awesome experience of the apostles. We're reminded of the origin and unity of our Catholic Church. And we're reminded that God sent the Spirit to US! He wants us to be open to receive the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, piety, counsel, fortitude, and awe..... EVERY DAY in EVERYTHING we do. They are gifts extended to us, yet so often left un-opened and un-used.
My other annual pondering on this great Feast is that we really should work to return this day to it's deserved level of solemnity and celebration. It's a HUGE and important day in our liturgical year. Although we said special prayers, attended Mass, and went out to lunch.... the rest of our day was filled with errands, chores, and a Cub Scout gathering. As I've said before... next year we'll do it up big! Really. Any ideas? How can we celebrate the Spirit together in ways that will evangelize our own as well as the world?
With renewed vigor and trust, I end this day with this beautiful prayer by St. Augustine ---
A Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Breathe in me O Holy Spirit
that my thoughts may all be holy;
Act in me O Holy Spirit
that my works, too, may be holy;
Draw my heart O Holy Spirit
that I love but what is holy;
Strengthen me O Holy Spirit
to defend that is holy;
Guard me then O Holy Spirit
that I always may be holy.
St. Augustine of Hippo (AD 354-430)


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