Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 Photo Album

It was the rainiest, coldest trick or treat night ever! But that didn't stop the fun.

This was year two for "The Mario Brothers." Here's last year....
And here's the "new and improved" edition -----

Perhaps we should have a "spot 10 differences" contest! ;) The boys (mostly Adam) insisted (since Nov. 1 of last year) that they HAD to have REAL overalls this year! And you'll notice that the mustaches grew quite a bit in a year as well.

Getting ready!

This year Jon dressed as "an unemployed hockey player."

Here they are heading out.
Here they are five minutes later with an extra layer -
winter coats!

(Adam refused to smile.... had to stay "in character.")

Mari and Gloria were VERY interested in all the festivities.
It was their 1st Halloween!

Ray came back from begging pretty quickly.
He really prefers the job of passing out candy.
Quite a haul!

The sorting begins!

We ended the evening by watching the Peanuts Halloween special.
This was actually the first time the boys had seen it.
And now we have the great candy negotiations.... How many pieces can I eat? When can I have more? Did my brother get more than me? Are two little pieces the same as one big piece? Such fun!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. They may be Mario obsessed but the boys are so cute!

    Our candy has been gone (taken away). What a very, very long week. ;)