Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Routine

We're officially on Summer Break now, but I know we're still going to need some structure to our days. I want to live at a more relaxed pace, but keep the boys reading and learning. I don't want to constantly be asked, "When can we watch TV?" and "When can we play Wii?" So, I came up with a plan. This weekend I decorated our bulletin board (relocated our calendar/weather/etc) to help motivate the boys and structure our days.

On the left side I've got ideas for "Fun Family Adventures" we hope to go on this summer. As we do each activity, we'll take it down from our chart. (By using post-its on the whole board, I've got the freedom and flexibility to add/subtract things as we go along.)

At the bottom left I've posted the boys' summer reading charts from the library. They'll be able to fill in the spots as we read each day.

In the middle section I've posted lots of ideas in three categories: fun activities, chores, and learning. Each morning Ray and Adam will choose one post-it from each section and put them onto their charts on the right side of the board.

I will help them complete their fun activity, chore, and learning. They will also read to me and do a math drill. I will read to them. We will all do some kind of exercise. We'll be checking those off on a laminated chart at the top right corner of the board.

I hope that the boys will enjoy having so many choices... and they won't be telling me they're bored. I plan to allow them to work through the day's activities at a pretty relaxed pace, knowing that there will be no screen time, treats, or outings (except for planned activities) until their summer chart activities are complete.

I'll let you know how it goes! Happy Summer!

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  1. You sure you get a break with this? :) We created a family summer bucket list but it's a dad and weekend kind of thing. The kids have been wildly free in June so far, especially with moving and now trying to settle in. My one thing? Game only on Saturday as that cuts WAY down on "when can we play?" question. Have a great summer!