Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ray's 10th Birthday Celebration

We had lots of fun celebrating Ray's 10th birthday.

The boys spent the night at my mom's the night before Ray's birthday (while Jon and I went to a concert). Jon and I came over for a celebratory breakfast and the birthday festivities began.

Ray received the highly-anticipated traditional 10th birthday gift from Pappy (my dad) in the mail ---
Instead of a more traditional party, Ray opted for a "day of fun" with his brother, cousins, and friend. So, the Saturday after Ray's birthday we rounded up this motley crew for an action-packed day of adventure.

1st stop ---- crafting at Home Depot. This was Jon's idea. It was FREE.... and a huge hit. The kids made Christmas themed yard stakes.

Next stop, the bowling alley --

 We bowled a few games, had pizza for lunch, played in the arcade, and did Glow Putt.

Bowling Alley Selfie

Spontaneous Dance Party

After about 3.5 hours at the bowling alley, the kids were sufficiently tired out. They convinced us to take them home to play video games. Although we had planned to then go to a movie, everyone was happy to stay home and watch "Earth to Echo" On Demand.
In the evening, the "grown ups" of the family came over for dinner and we had cake, presents, etc.

I love Adam's expression here!
 Happy birthday Ray!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful day! Please wish him Happy Birthday for us!