Monday, September 15, 2014

The REAL Reason I Haven't Been Blogging

I've been too busy knitting!
Ever since we got back from Lakeside, when I've had spare time, I've been knitting. Nothing beats the summer heat like knitting some warm winter hats, right? I may or may not have a big duffle bag filled with Christmas gifts made of yarn!
Seriously, this loom knitting thing is lots of fun. It's a creative outlet that helps me unwind (punny!). And it doesn't require much skill or thought.
So, here are some semi-professional pool-side shots of some semi-professional models showing off a few of my semi-professional creations.

Keep in mind that these are some of my earliest attempts. My work is truly evolving. I'm even working on a scarf now. So, count the days until Christmas. Maybe you'll get lucky enough to receive a Couture Katie Creation!

Meanwhile, life has gone on and I haven't kept up on the blog. I'll keep trying to fill in the gaps and set aside some time for blogging rather than knitting. :)

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