Saturday, May 24, 2014

Adam's First Holy Communion

Adam received the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist for the first time on Saturday, May 10th, 2014. It was a lovely day and we were blessed to be able to celebrate this joyous occasion with many family members and friends.

My mom with Adam before Mass

Jon's mom with Adam before Mass.
We were SO excited to have her visit for this special occasion.
This was only her third trip to Ohio!
Adam with Aunt Susan before Mass.
Many thanks to Susan for driving a LONG way to bring mom and spend the weekend with us.

The seats for Mass were assigned by lottery and we really were lucky. We were in the front row and were able to get these great pictures of Adam receiving Communion for the first time!

Adam with his Godparents, Karen and David, after Mass.
Cousins from Michigan!
After Mass we had a happy home filled with friends and family.
This picture was taken as we prayed before dinner.

Our house was like a restaurant... tables everywhere, even in the garage!
This "party of five" enjoyed schoolroom seating.
Notice the papers hanging from the line in the background...
those are the pages from Adam's First Communion Scrapbook.

Just as we did last year with Ray, we used this special occasion to honor Mary by crowning our yard statue. All of the children lined up with flowers and we processed to our Mary garden.

Adam crowned Mary and all the children placed their flowers in vases.

We prayed a Hail Mary together.

Adam received so many lovely gifts commemorating this special day. Thanks very much to all of our dear family and friends.

A Missal set from Grandma.
Grandma and Aunt Mary Lou.
It was so special to have so many of Jon's family members travel to be with us.
A "blue diamond" rosary from Mom and Dad.
This was Adam's very special request.
I was proud of Adam. He read every card.
A beautiful crucifix from his Godparents.
This is something he'll be able to hang in his home forever.

Unfortunately, my dad was not able to attend the First Communion. He fell on the golf course the day before First Communion and injured his knee quite severely. We were so sad and worried for him. Fortunately, before heading back to South Carolina (and to see the orthopedic surgeon), he stopped to visit us on Sunday morning.

He gave Adam a very beautiful Saint Michael statue. It's truly a work of art. Adam has a special devotion to Saint Michael and he absolutely loves this special gift.

This is a funny picture with the cat in the background and a blank stare on Adam's face.
I think he was in shock about the statue.
I must not have been awake enough to take a decent picture. ;)
We pray that Adam will stay close to Jesus through the Holy Eucharist throughout his life.

Please continue to pray for my dad who is laid up with a torn up knee and a blood clot.

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